Medical Invest

  • Becoming a shareholder in a hospital offers you and your loved ones alternative coverage in times of need.
  • Brand new Hospital with Medical Estetic and Plastic Surgery practices with day hospital in Major City.
  • NET returns Up To 16% pro year.

Invest with us in New S-Pharma mRNA vaccine R&D factory and become Shareholder

  • S-Pharma London U.K. - Investment in Biopharmaceutical  Research and development (R&D)  Company  and activities that focus on the innovation of new products.    
  • S-Pharma R&D for mRNA vaccine and smart medicines. Discovering, developing and providing different branche of vaccines and medicines. 
  • A New Approach to Medicine: mRNA medicines take advantage of normal biological processes to express proteins and create a desired therapeutic effect. 
  • This enables the potential treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases, many of which cannot be addressed with current technologies.
  • Therapeutic areas: Infectious Diseases, Immuno-Oncology. Cardiovascular Diseases. Autoimmune Diseases. Rare Diseases