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- Pre IPO Investment -

  • S-Pharma London U.K. - Investment in Biopharmaceutical  Research and development (R&D)  Company  and activities that focus on the innovation of new products.    
  • Pre IPO Investment
  • Very limited share offering
  • S-Pharma R&D for mRNA vaccine and smart medicines. Discovering, developing and providing different branche of vaccines and medicines. 
  • A New Approach to Medicine: mRNA medicines take advantage of normal biological processes to express proteins and create a desired therapeutic effect. 
  • This enables the potential treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases, many of which cannot be addressed with current technologies.
  • Therapeutic areas: Infectious Diseases, Immuno-Oncology. Cardiovascular Diseases. Autoimmune Diseases. Rare Diseases
  • The development is due to complete in Q4 2022/Q2 2023


We believe that every success is the combination of meeting client needs, committing to professional integrity, and a focus on inspiring results.
A series of explorations, a testing of ideas. It can be simply a series of sketches or it can go into considerable depth, including design illustrations, annotative plans,sections and 3D models of a conceptual approach.

We present and visualize our designs in various media’s whether its 3D imagery, Walkthroughs or 2D Renders. So we can translate our imagination into solid materials.
At this stage, the architectural design of the project is developed and defined in details. Detailed quantities and cost information for the overall appearance, structure,services,finishes, and landscape is generated.

Construction of the project and Supervision to ensure that the design is implemented and delivered according to its specifications and the designer vision